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Available Puppies

March 17th, 2020

Sneek peek at our current litter of puppies!  2 weeks old last Saturday, March14th photos are of their first vet visit for worming and a quick health check.  Seems all is great with everything in the right places!

The waiting list for these puppies HAS NOT started yet.  Puppies are under evaluation for show/breeding quality with other show/breeders first in line for choices.  I am guessing at this point there will be 3 males available.  NO FEMALES.  If you are interested my best suggestion is to frequent this page OFTEN.  It is going to change with puppies that are available posted.  Sorry, I know it is much to ask.

These puppies come with much more than the usual.  AKC, UKC (largest registries in the world), DNA health testing – clear/normal, 2 year health gurantee, tails properly done, dew claws removed, wormed, vaccinated, health checked, and a 5 generation pedigree!  How many boxes does that check?

 We do not mind hearing from you.  The contact page will allow you to send a message. 

Non solicited reviews /opinions can be seen on our Facebook page – Parson Penthouse.

About Our Waiting List

We do not accept deposits.  That way we are not obligated to you and you are not obligated or pressured to get one from us.  This is not a “first come, first served” basis.  We truly do our very best to match up the right persons with the right dog.  Contact us now, tell us all you can, let’s see what we both can do.

What’s shakin for 2020 – 2021!

  • Our double registered, DNA health tested top 3-4 females from our best Parson (Jack) Russell Terriers are scheduled to be bred during 2020 & 2021, with the best studs around waiting to take part. Feel free to contact us we may have a terrific older dog or know of some available. Even if you have no plans at this time to show your dog , puppies are of that caliber and it will show. We are after the COMPLETE package, to go beyond your expectations. There is no better compliment when we succeed. Our references will support it and we will provide plenty of them. Visit our Facebook page to show a bunch of success stories. We are always more than willing to help with what we know about them. Whether you buy one from us or not does not matter. That you get a good one does!

Important Please Read

You’re buying from one of Americas most sincere and honest Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier breeders. Our puppies are for approved homes only and we reserve the right to refuse a sale if we feel the welfare of the puppy may be compromised and/or your lifestyle may cause disappointment with one of our puppies.   We do not sell to pet stores, animal brokers, or puppy mills.  We do not guarantee show quality but do imply the possibility.  We do not guarantee coat or color upon maturity but can pretty well predict it.  We’re not your average Parson Russell Terrier breeders, we guarantee quality puppies and will always take one back and/or assist with re homing.  For ANY reason, or NO reason.  You are never, ever a bother to us and we welcome you and are proud to have you in our “Jacks or Better Crew”      Sally – Jacks or Better